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I am home grown El Pasoan native whose DNA were here long before Texas was named.
Though, now I am officially on Medicare, I feel as young as 40ish.
I am well balanced, fluently in both English and Spanish, but prefer Spanglish over both. I am also rusty on sign language.
I am an open minded, life-long learner, who loves to engage in meaningful conversations.
My favorite thing to do each morning is to practice Qigong and thank Mother Earth along with all the Gods for my day.

Gender: FEMALE

Age: Senior

Weight: 130-139 lbs

Height: 5'3"

Eyes: Brown, Gray

Hair Color: Gray Mixed/ Unusual

Hair Length: Long

Ethnicity: American Indian, Asian, Filipino, Hispanic, Mixed

Market: Los Angeles, Louisiana, New Mexico, Other States, Texas

Union Status: NON-UNION